8 Best Automatic Wallpaper Changing Apps

Are you one of those who loves to customize their device with various wallpapers, and also picky about how that wallpaper and constantly looking for wallpapers that brings out the crisp screen definition of your device?

Even if you are not a picky about wallpaper kind of person and don’t change your device wallpaper frequently, and want to redefine your device once in a while, then automatic wallpaper changing apps might be handy and useful for you.

Doesn’t matter what type of device user you are, but we all often or not so often but do change our device wallpapers and at times when we do it gets confusing to change the wallpapers according to our current moods.

To make your search less messy and less time consuming, we have curated a list of 8 Best Automatic Wallpaper Changing Apps. Just relax keep scrolling down and read the article to the end and download the best automatic wallpaper changing app as per your own pocket convenience.


Best Automatic Wallpaper Changing Apps

Everpix Cool Wallpapers

You want to re-define that 4K, HD, or Retina display of your device! Want to change the wallpapers according to your moods? Tired of searching various websites for a particular high-definition or 4K wallpaper and getting confused about which category to choose your wallpaper from!

Then try out Everpix Cool Wallpapers. This app lets you select wallpapers from various categories and themes to make your selection easy. Stay updated and get a bunch of new wallpapers every day.

In this highly techy world devices are continuously upgrading so is the screen sizes of various devices. The wallpapers of this app are carefully chosen and adjusted so that the wallpapers can fit any sized device.

Bonus: If you are an Apple user and love apple products and have bought an apple watch recently and trying to customize various wallpapers for your apple watch screen, then this app is a way to go.

Everpix is a free app but you will get added advantages if you buy the premium version. There are a few subscriptions plans as well that you can choose from at your convenience.

Wallpapers and Themes For Me

Are you tired of changing wallpapers manually? Then we are about to introduce you to a wallpaper app that has the potential to become your go-to wallpaper app. How? You might ask! Developed by Apalon apps, a wallpaper app that changes your wallpaper dynamically. The app is able to set high-quality wallpapers automatically as frequently as you wish.

And for iPhone users, they are well aware of the fact how changing wallpapers feels like, it’s not always possible to change the look frequently because of the device’s certain features. But with Wallpapers and Themes for Me, you’ll be able to unlock the best version of your device screen by providing the device with the best wallpapers it needs. Re-define the retina screen.

What makes the app more fun! You will get ten categories of themes to choose your cool wallpapers from. What else! you get unique 3D wallpapers and every day updated wallpapers on the list; your device won’t run out of marvelous crisp wallpapers to set without taking your device’s storage space.

Give your device the best look it deserves. The app is easy to use because of its navigation, quick loading, and super-fast customization.

Create the best look for you be it the lock screen or home screen, flaunt your flawless crisp wallpapers with just a single tap.


Zedge is one of the most downloaded personalization apps. This app is not only able to provide you with magnificent crisp wallpapers but it is able to offer you much more than that. This app makes device customization look cooler.

With this app, you will not only get an endless selection of HD and 4K wallpapers but also, with this app you can add live wallpaper which will not drain your battery. Cool right! Most of the live wallpaper apps are battery draining, but with zedge live wallpapers your video effect will only get played once while turning on the home screen thus, it’s not able to consume much battery of your phone.

There’s a wide variety of cool and quality video effects to choose from, to be true you’ll never get bored.

You can even customize your wallpapers with inbuilt stickers and filters. Customize your device ringtone, notification, and alarm sounds. Get an abundant supply of free HD and 4K wallpapers and backgrounds for smaller screen-sized devices. It is an all-in-one app, go check it out.

Vellum Wallpapers

Are you picky about your iOS wallpaper collection, then vellum might be able to solve that problem for you! It’s a free wallpaper app, which is able to curate hundreds of pixel-perfect images and new wallpaper updates every day.

They are careful about their collection and provide the best-sorted wallpapers. They are passionate about the beautiful aesthetics they provide.

Customize your wallpapers, blur the background with the inbuilt custom blur feature of the app.  Keep the aesthetic look of your device intact. Not only phone wallpapers but set the wallpapers for your apple watch as well.

There’s a bonus for premium members, first of all, the membership is pretty much inexpensive, and second of all with the membership, you’ll have the access to the last four weeks’ daily wallpapers.


Tired of changing wallpapers frequently, or bored with seeing the same wallpaper coming on the screen over and over again, or just afraid because you don’t own a high-resolution screened device to support appealing wallpapers.

Tapet resolves the problems mentioned above, yes it certainly does. Get fresh wallpapers as frequently as you want, set a rotation time from 15 minutes to one day in a week, and get to see fresh wallpapers with each rotation and won’t be seeing the same wallpapers over and over.

Don’t own a high-resolution screened device, you can still make your device look gorgeous as it is supposed to be, the app automatically creates the wallpaper in accordance with the screen size of your device, and in this way you can use high-quality images in any screen device.

The app uses parallax effects that make the wallpaper looks more pleasant to the eyes. Though this app doesn’t use live wallpaper technology so no worries on battery drainage of your device.

Walli – Cool Wallpapers HD 

A wallpaper app different than other wallpaper apps. Add some artistic creativity into your wallpaper gallery and enhance the beauty of your phone and the mood and personality. Walli, provides you with the best artistic wallpaper curated by them.

Break the monotonous cycle of random wallpapers that includes flowers, cars, landscapes, and so on. Instead re-define your phone screen with some beautiful artistic wallpapers designed by the best graphic artists.

An app that respects the artists and their creations. Always have cool artistic wallpaper every time you look at your device or unlock it. There’s a large section of wallpapers to choose your next best cool wallpaper from, be it a funny wallpaper or retro, hipster cute and sad wallpapers are also there. Get wallpapers depending on your mood.

Wallpapers provided by walli fit into any size and resolution as you get the option to set it by yourself as well. This is a free app, but you can also unlock bonus happiness with a weekly subscription.

Casualis: Auto Wallpaper Change

Let’s try something new! An app that changes wallpapers without lifting a finger. With Casualis you just have to shake your phone to get magnificently fresh wallpapers. New wallpapers for your device with each shake you make.

Not only that this app comes with a bundle feature. You can customize your wallpapers all by yourself just the way you like it, decorate the wallpapers with inbuilt effects or choose photos from your gallery, or even a whole folder.

Enjoy different marvellous wallpapers from different sources. Enable automatic wallpaper changer mode and the app will change the wallpapers periodically as per your convenience.

Share the most favourite wallpaper of yours with a friend or anyone you like! Just download any wallpaper as per your like and resolution and share it with your beloved friends. This app has more than 3000 images in the catalog with various themes all with high resolutions.

HD Wallpapers For Trill

If you are looking for a totally different wallpaper collection app, then trill can offer you some unique wallpaper collections. These wallpaper collections are free.

If you are in a dope, punk, motivational, cool, kawaii wallpaper collection then trill can help you to provide those wallpaper collections. There are wallpapers very unique and different than one another.

The wallpapers are of high resolution, backgrounds and pictures will get added automatically. With regular updates trill releases new wallpapers in their collection making, it more fun to enjoy new wallpapers. You can also customize your own wallpapers.


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