7 Best Fish Identification Apps

You are a fish enthusiast or might be an angler or diver else might be you are just someone who is curious about fish. You caught a fish and are curious to know about it! So, what you do then, is ask someone but what if the people around you are also unaware! Clueless right! Don’t worry, we won’t let your curiosity on knowledge die. So, to assure your soul, you have just come to the right place.

We have created a list for you, to satisfy your curiosity about fish. A list of apps on fish identification. Not only that, few apps have multiple features that would cater to your needs more than identifying fish.


Best Fish Identification Apps

Fishbrain: Fishing App

A fish identifying app available for both android and iOS devices. This app claims to be the most popular fish app among those people who love fishing. A social network app among the fisher community.

The core point of this app is to provide the user with a huge detailed data of information regarding fishing locations. Types of fishes available over at a place nearby the location you stay. 

When it comes to fish identification the app’s fish recognition tool helps you upload your catches in seconds, you will get personal catch statistics and get to know the species of your catch through the detailed fish dictionary.

The GPS location services let you find more fishes nearby and tell you which species of fish you will most likely find.

You can join the fish lover’s community through Fishbrain and learn a lot about fishing. Enjoy fishing by sharing your experiences and looking through others. Download Fishbrain app to get a fishing log, map, online gear shop, and forecasting tool in one place.

Fishverify: Species Identification & Regulation

As the name suggests, Fishverify helps the curious fish heads to identify a fish with just by a snapshot. Take out your smartphone open the camera and take a shot of the fish to identify it. Not only that you can upload a picture of the same fish from your gallery and the app will help you identify its species. Fishverify is able to identify more than two hundred fish. The app also provides the user with local fishing regulations.

If the app fails to identify a fish properly, there’s nothing to worry about. You still can become sure about the fish just by asking an expert to identify it.

There’s more to the app than just identifying fish. The app can check current marine weather, tides, waves, sea temperature, water conditions including wind, and much more; which is helpful before going out fishing.

There are many more tools of use but those can only be unlocked in the paid version of the app. New subscribers will receive a 3-day free trial to access those tools and experience the world of fishing.

Picture Fish: Fish Identifier

Detect any type of fish just by a click in just a few seconds. Picture Fish is a lightweight and easy-to-use fish identifier app. This app is most popular among other fish identification apps. You will get a lot tips on fish care.

Picture Fish app can identify more than 2500 species of fish species. The app also contains quite a lot of sections with useful functions and information. The extensive database of the app gives the user an abundant amount of information about all kinds fish and their species.

The plus side of the app is that it is not only able to identify fish but also can identify underwater plants. For safekeeping and future uses, you can also save information’s in the app about the fish.

Fishes: East Pacific

Identify fish without needing a solid internet connection by using Fishes: East Pacific app. This fish identification guide app covers details on Tropical Eastern Pacific Fauna.

You get to choose between two lingual interfaces, those are English and Spanish. Use the app based on the language you are comfortable with.

The app has more than 2000 fish in its library, and with each update, the app is covering more of it. You get detailed information on a fish and pictures are included as well for visual information.

You get to browse through alphabetical order of species and species within the family. You even get to search for fishes depending on their name, location, habitat, and unusual but true even their color. The app works well for curious souls to know and learn more about fish.

Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Ed.

Tropical Fish Guide is an award-winning Fish identification app that also acts as a pocket reference for freshwater tropical fish and aquatic plants. The app is itself an encyclopedia on aquarium fish and aquatic plants. The app does not only identify fish and their species but also gives you information on how to take care of every individual species as well.

The list of every fish and their species also plants are organized in an alphabetical manner. The app covers more than 2000 common fish and also informs you about their scientific names and for visual identity provides you with their images.

You get to search and identify fish by their names or combination of certain criteria, size, environmental requirements, and many more. If you are one of the dark theme users then this app lets you change your interface into dark mode as well.

The app has a lot to offer and a lot of information to provide. The user gets to ask questions, ask for identifications and join other discussions by simply joining in a community forum. The user can also save important information over at their cloud services, get to read articles, and much more to explore in one single app.

The only thing is the user has to buy the app for an add-free, subscription-free, smooth experience.


Level up your fishing game with Fiskher. With Fishkher the user across different countries other than Scandinavia gets access to all the species of fish in the specific country they are subscribed to. The app largely targets Denmark, users of Norway, Sweden but users from other countries can also have other benefits of the app as well. With the premium version of the app, the user-specific country will get access to all the species in the region they are subscribed to.

Fish Identification was made easier with the introduction of the artificial intelligence they have used in the app. Again, you get to have full access to the identification tool with a premium membership.

Freshwater Fish Wiki

Freshwater Fresh Wiki is comparatively a new fish identification app the app has launched in the play store. The app claims to be the fastest and most accurate fish detection app.

All you have to do to identify a fish is to, just click a quick snapshot. And the app will do its work to best identify the fish.

The app has more than 70 fish on their list and you will detailed information about every species. From their scientific name, to what water temperature will suit them, their normal lifespan, and much more.

The app is precisely designed for easy interactions. And the developer has assured they will introduce more information on various species of fish with each update.


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