10 Best Telescope Apps

The whole cosmos is an amazing, mysterious, and immense open space. The beauty that the galaxy holds is often surprising. And telescope has been the greatest invention to gap the distance of knowledge and curiosity about the whole cosmos that surrounds us. A telescope helps get a clear view of a distant object, even objects like stars, meteors, and other planets can be seen through its lens.

With time and the advancement of technology, now telescope has become portable and convenient to us. With just a few taps on our mobile device, we can easily download telescope apps to explore Stars, Meteors, and various planets on our portable device.

We have compiled a list of the best telescope apps, explore and get a tour of our beautiful galaxy. 


Best Telescope Apps


SkySafari works as a pocket telescope app, few taps and you get to see the whole universe at your fingertips. The app is easy-to-use, all you have to do is hold the camera of your device to the sky and you will get to quickly locate planets, constellations, satellites, millions of stars, and many other objects hovering in the open space.

The app has got interesting information and astonishing graphics that help you to know more about our galaxy and its objects around. With regular updates of the app, you get more enriching information regarding our galaxy.

The best feature of the app is, the user gets to simulate the night sky from anywhere on earth. The user can see how the sky looked in past ages, also they get to animate realistic various celestial events, such as; meteor showers, transits, and many more which comes with information and spectacular graphics.

The sky chart gets updated in real-time to give the user an ultimate stargazing experience.

SkyView Lite

Find stars or constellations in the sky easily, just by facing the rear camera of your device at the sky and the SkyView app will guide you to their location and identify them for you.

With the SkyView app and its latest AR (Augmented Reality) technology, the app easily spots objects in the sky regardless of the time, be it day or night. Zoom in and zoom out to explore space just as the way you like it.

With the SkyView app identify various objects hovering in the sky stars, galaxies, constellations, satellites, and even ISS (International Space Station) in real-time, just at the moment when it passes over your head. You get the detailed information regarding the objects that the app detects.

Don’t get disheartened if some constellations are not visible in your location, you can still learn about them through the SkyView app. The app has abundant information regarding artificial satellites as well. With Skyview, you are Carrying a pocket telescope on the go.

ISS Detector

ISS Detector app helps you detect moving ISS or International Space Station every time it passes over your head. It might not work great as a telescope app but it’s one of the best apps to track satellites that helps you to find out International Space Stations.

The app notifies you every time an ISS pass. Not only that you can use the app as a bill reminder to get notifications on bill reminders and weather conditions.

With the help of the app, you can track Hubble space telescopes, rocket bodies, and many more things just with a few taps on your smart device.

The app is free with some limited built-in features, to unlock unlimited and amazing features get the premium version of the app.

Satelite Tracker By Starwalk

Satellite Tracker by star walk is a telescope app that helps you track satellites at the same time. This is app is developed by famous astronomical app developers that have won the Apple Design Award 2010 and also has been downloaded by more than 10million users. The app tracks satellites in real-time. A feature from the app helps you enjoy the 3D image of a specific satellite that you are looking for with its real-time speed and location details. You get core information about the satellites.

A feature named flyby timer helps the user see how much time is left before the next flyby of ISS or other listed satellites. You get precise information about the satellites hovering around. have fun using this app while finding satellites and knowing more about them.

STAR-Space Telescope

Developed by Space Telescope Science Institute, the Star-Space Telescope app is one of the best telescope apps you might download on your smartdevices. STAR (Space Telescope Augmented Reality) provides the user with information on three primary missions services by the Space Telescope Science Institute of NASA.

You get to learn about Hubble Space Telescope (HST), James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), or Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope(Roman). The app features augmented reality and 3D view thus, you get a spectacular view while learning about those missions.

The AI feature of the app also helps the user place their own telescope into their own environment, to explore more about the space.

Polar Alignment – Polaris Hour Angle

An easy-to-use and simple telescope app which won’t clutter your device space. The app is pretty much to the point with its feature. Polar alignment calculates the position of Polaris and σ Octantis in your Polar Scope network for your location.

The app is beginner-friendly and pretty much useful for amateur astronomers and Astro photographers. The app helps you with aligning your mount by displaying the most important parameters. No more struggles with GPS, simply save your location in the app and get the hour angle of Polaris.

Star Chart

Star Chart app lets you get the best stargazing experience with a virtual planetarium right at your fingertips. The app is easy-to-use, just point the rear camera of your device at the sky and the app will inform you what object you are seeing.

With the help of the latest technology, you get to explore an accurate 3D universe. The app acts in real-time, and with the help of your current location shows you stars and planets visible in a precise view even in broad daylight.

The app comes with a bundle of features such as; voice recognition, finger gestures, dynamic device orientation, and many more. The app can accurately illustrate visible stars of the northern and southern hemispheres. Get to explore the whole solar system with crisp 3D effects.

Tap at any point in the sky and the app will provide you with information about the object you are looking at with the distance and brightness. Get visibly extra detail with the zoom feature. And set your location manually to find out more about the details of the sky at various places.


The list might look empty without mentioning the name of the giant in space world NASA. This company is outreaching its potential, trying something new, and creating something new space technology.

By installing NASA app, you get all the details and information regarding new space contents and contents of NASA which includes video, images, their current mission information, news, tweets, and many more.

With the help of NASA, switch to any telescope available in the night sky and watch. You get access to over 16,000 images that are updated every day.


Get access to the planetarium and the space right in your pocket. Skymap easily recognizes stars, planets, nebulae, and many more objects of the sky. The app is lightweight and loads instantly with no more hassle.

The user can easily explore the space and its objects. If you are obsessed with planets, this app helps you spot planets such as; Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury all by just facing the rear camera of your device at the sky. Get accurate information about the stars above your head all you have to do is Install the SkyMap app and enjoy stargazing.


Get details about stars and constellations that hover above our head just by pointing your device at the sky using, Starlight app. Make your stargazing experience more exciting also gain more ideas about the objects hovering in the sky.

The navigation system of the app is superfast and scans your surrounding night sky quickly. You also get to see amazing hand-painted artwork of illustrated constellations. You get accurate details of above 100,000 stars, 88 western constellations, planets, and solar system that is curated from the Hipparcos database. Enjoy your exciting stargazing experience.


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