10 Best Teeth Whitening Apps

We live in a generation where we want quick fixes even for our imperfections. One of them being our teeth, they might not seem picture-perfect every time and to hide those imperfections we might just need a quick and simple fix for a while, also without investing any money on it.

With the invention of smartphones, it has become easier to get quick fixes in just a jiffy. These fixes might not be a permanent solution but will keep you up with your virtual interactions.

We all like to flaunt our smiles, but we are afraid of the imperfections of our teeth. They might seem yellowish sometimes. Luckily, we are here to save your smile and are able to help you out with a quick fix. We have curated a list of the best teeth whitening apps that will help you whiten your teeth in a jiffy and flaunt your smile virtually.


Best Teeth Whitening Apps


Imagine your finger to be the makeup brush and you get all the tools you want just to make your picture look as perfect you want it to be. Make adjustments to your pictures and make them as appealing as possible.

Airbrush promises perfection in your photographs, you being the artist of your own image all you have to do is just make some changes with the tools that the app offers. Remove blemishes, acne, scars from your image. Create smooth skin, reshape your face structure, and much more to it.

Even turn your ordinary selfies into a masterpiece. The app features teeth whitening tools, to make your teeth picture-perfect as you imagined them to be. Do makeup adjustments. Or just use inbuilt filters. Make real-time adjustments edit your images before taking a snapshot.

Share your masterpiece with the virtual world without worrying about anything.


An app which does more than just photo retouch. Improve all the aspects of your captured image. You can expect more than just beautifying your pictures. Facetune app has immense number of tools to play around with to make your image better.

While getting your hands on various kind of tools, one of them being the “Toothbrush” tool, As the name suggests it’s a tooth whitening tool which lets you retouch your teeth and make it whiter. You get to play with the tool and its various facilities. The user can raise the corner of their mouth, remove moles and scars with few taps and scrolls. Make your smile more vibrant and show it off fearlessly.

You get to make your image smoother, add backgrounds while applying various kind of effects in it. Make your eyes look brighter. Also go professional with your picture adjust the picture while playing with the saturation, temperature, shadow and much more.

Install the app and enjoy all the inbuilt features. With each update of the app, they come up with something new for the users.


Pixl helps you get the best look out of your picture. Redefine your images by removing imperfections that are visible in your eyes. Play around with inbuilt features. Tune your photos, retouch your face by removing wrinkles, pimples, blemishes. Reshape and adjust your photos adjust your face structure and the skin tan tone level. Add filters that give fine definition to your image.

Regain your confident and sparkling joyous smile with just a few taps and a tiny retouch. With the help of a new AI, the app detects yellowish teeth and performs teeth whitening simulation. Don’t worry it will not look unnatural. The tool helps you adjust your teeth whitening so that you can share your joyous pictures virtually. Remove red eyes automatically using the red-eye remover feature. Level up your image game and flaunt your images virtually.


Pixlr is a professional photo editor app with loads of inbuilt feature that gives your picture get the best possible look it deserves. Redefine your picture with various kinds of effects and filters during editing even including text images in it. The app has over 50 million downloads that amplify a great connection with satisfied users.

The tools provided in the app assure your picture turns out as perfect as you imagine it to be. The app can be used by anyone and it is beginner-friendly.

Remove all the visible imperfections from your pictures just with a few taps and touches. Wipeout red-eyes, and make your teeth whiter. Smoothen up your face, shape it if needed. Blur out the background and create a beautiful bokeh around. Save your masterpiece and share that with your virtual friends.


Get the ultimate makeup tool available right at your fingertips. With Perfect365 create a professional makeup look without wasting any money and that’s also just with a few taps quick and easy.

Get over 20 make-up and beauty tools to customize your own style. From reshaping your face to coloring your hair, applying the lipstick of your choice, play around with complexions that suit best on your face. From wrinkle to no wrinkle, blemishes, pimples gone with just a few touches.

Don’t worry about your smile, the app takes care of that as well with its teeth whitening feature. All by just uploading your photo and applying the tools of your need. And create a mesmerizing picture that goes with your imagination.

Visage Lab: Face Retouch

Give your photo a flawless retouch to it by, using the tools of the visage lab. Visage Lab: Face Retouch has already been downloaded by millions of people. Instantly remove all the flaws in your picture just by a few taps. Easily remove red-eye, make your skin smoother, cut chubby face, and much more. Terminate dark circles, pimples, wrinkles from your face in a jiffy.

The inbuilt qualitative whitening function of the app not only whitens your teeth of yours but also is able to whiten the white part of your eyes.

Compare the retouched photo with the previous photo and see what other adjustments you need to make. Use more than 40 artistic effects to enhance your photo a little bit more. Give your photo the best finishing touch with visage lab, install the free app and enjoy retouching photos.


Unsure about if your face is photogenic enough or not! Do your photos stand out? To clear it out there’s nothing wrong with you willing to have a photo that seems to you to be photogenic. As the name suggests, with Fotogenic everyone can be “photogenic”. All you have to do is just use the right editing tools and that’s about it.

The app is beginner-friendly and easy to use, it’ll guide the users to edit photos so that they can create their masterpieces just as they want.

It works as more than just a tooth whitening and photo retouching app. It is a resourceful photo editor app that has got everything you need to make your pictures and selfies stand out. Yes, there’s a tooth whitening feature inbuilt in this app, retouch your teeth from yellowish to white and flaunt your gorgeous smile.

Fotogenic offers various features that you can work with, add text in your photos and give a unique effect to it. Convey words through your pictures just by adding captions. Stretch your face, or make it slimmer just by a few taps on your mobile screen. You get a beautification option to make your face look flawless by wiping off all the blemishes, pimples and wrinkles, and more.

Give your photo a touch of professionalism by adjusting colors, brightness, saturation, HDR, and adding other lighting effects or filters to your picture. Add various textures and make your picture stand out in the middle of so many others.


More than a photo editor, more than a retouching app, With BeFunky create unique looks for yourself and share them with your friends.

BeFunky provides you with features that you might need, from adjusting the colors of your photos to beautifying your face. Get your hands on more advanced editing skills as well. More than 32 effects to choose from.

The app also has a tooth whitening feature available in it, not only that the app also offers various stickers and goodies, different background options, and amazing photo effects to make your photos look more unique. The editing can be done very easily because of its simple interface. Share your pictures via social media platforms and have fun.


An all-in-one photo and video editing app that also helps you retouch and beautify your gorgeous photo. Meitu’s self-beautifying or instant beautification tool helps you create your desired look in a jiffy without you putting any effort into it. But if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can still retouch just the way you want the photo to look. The teeth whitening feature helps you get rid of those yellowish tints on your teeth and makes your smile look brighter.

Edit pictures, add effects, beautify your face with magic brushes, make collages, add a cute motion sticker on your picture; an added cuteness advantage.

Edit photos and videos at the same time by using various filters, fonts, stickers, and music. Get your hands on meitu and enjoy the wholesome editing experience.


Beauty plus is most famous among another photo editing, retouching, and beautification app. More than millions of people use this app to retouch and beautify their pictures. Just like Meitu you also get to edit photos and videos with this so it becomes handy to get all the features in one place.

Beauty plus offers significant editing tools, visual effects, new AR features, and many more that will help you create an amazing photo or video experience.

Make your eyes shine a little brighter, and make your teeth a little whiter with just the inbuilt features that also just with only one touch. Give your photo a quick retouch to wipe off facial imperfections.

Add effects, create anime looks, click beautified pictures with a beauty camera that will automatically retouch your face by removing scars, acne, and other complicated areas of your skin, or just by adding a little makeup on it.


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