10 Best Height Meter Apps


With the advancement of the latest technology and AI being a thing in modern days, numerous things have become possible. Our smartphone is one of them that is able to serve us measuring tools with much accuracy.

We no longer have to carry or look for physical tools to measure heights, smartphones are around us most of the time, and thus measuring has become handy and quick with the advancement of AI technology. And the best thing about it is we get fairly reliable results.

In the competitive world of technology, you will find many apps which do a decent job as a measurement tool but to save your time and energy we have curated the best height apps list for you.


Best Height Meter Apps


Turn your smartphone into a personal smart measurement tool with the Ruler app. This app gives the best reliable results with relatively smaller objects. The user interface of the Ruler app is quite easy to use and understandable. Anyone can use the app to measure some object without facing any kind of hassle. The neat and clean interface is much visibly appealing to the eye of the user making it easy to use and get the measurements clearly.

The ruler app lets you measure objects in various measurement units, that you can customize as well. Set the measuring units as per your choice into cm, mm, inch. Give a little time to calibrate the dimensions of the object and you get a reliable measurement result. The measurements done by the user of the objects are done in 4modes- points, level, plane, and line. The app is able to calculate lengths with straight lines as well as calculate the area.

MeasureKit – AR Ruler Tape

Augmented Reality is taking the world over by storm. There is an endless possibility in the world of technology. Measurekit uses ARKit technology, which allows to the user get the data on measurement quickly. The app uses the camera of your device to measure objects.

MeasureKit app contains 9 measuring tools for fairly precise measurement results. Respectively those tools are, Ruler, Magnetometer, Trajectory, Face Mesh, Marker Pin, Angles, Person Height, Cube, Level. It helps the user measure any type of object.

The app is smooth and operates in nanoseconds. Measure people’s height, wall, and other surfaces hassle-free. You can also measure bigger surfaces like an area of a room.


Are you someone who is obsessed to know about their height? Or you are a parent and you are just curious to know the height of your kids! It would be a hassle to go to various places just to measure the accuracy of your height! So, install Gheight app on your iOS device and get accurate measurements of your height just in a few taps.

The app uses ARKit technology that gives you accurate measurement values of your height. Also, you get to enjoy the app’s comparison by just comparing your height with other celebrities. The app shares the details of your favorite celebrity’s height. Save your measurement details to keep track of your height record.

Share your height records with your friends through social media and enjoy.


Measurement of objects made easy with moasure app, all you have to do is, move your smart device from one point to another and get the accurate measurement details, be it height or particular difference between two points of the object even their angle.

Moasure app swaps physical 300m/100ft tape measures and works as a ruler protractor and an angle measurer. You get all these measuring tools in one app.

Moasure uses 3D technology with a simple interface, thus you get to measure any object or surface much easier and hassle-free. This app works best with specific devices, which are able to work co-operate with the sensors while measurements. The measurement records can be saved and easily shared.

Also, if you face any problems while measuring or can’t figure out how to use this app then don’t worry, this app also provides the user instructions to guide them through. Measure anything quickly and easily with just a few taps.


Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance for measurement of a particular object, surface, or basically anything is what makes Imagemeter standout among other measurement apps. Not only that Imagemeter comes with a bundle of useful to work with that gives the user relief. The user can use this measurement app for professional purposes as well.

Unlike any other measurement app, you don’t have to open your camera to measure anything, you can first take the picture of the object, surface or any area that you want to measure the app will automatically measure it for you. Imagemeter is easy to use and beginner-friendly, that you will not spend much time figuring out how to work with this app. With this app, you can also import photos from your device storage just for measuring anything you want.

The app features model-scale mode which helps measure models that are larger in size. You also get additional features like text notes, also you get to save measurement details in pdf, jpeg, png format.

ArRuler App- Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

Just as the name suggests ARruler app is yet another measurement app that uses modern AR Technology, to provide the best and correct informative measurement results to the user. ARruler app gives the professional feel and looks clean because of the modern interface design.

ARruler is able to take measurements in feet, yards, centimeters, meters, millimeters, and inches. To use this app the user has to point the camera towards the object or surface and tap the screen. And the app will automatically measure it and provide you with reliable measurement results. Measure Angle, area or perimeter, volume, path, height, plan anything with just a single tap.

Quick Measure

Just as the name suggests quickmeasure is a measuring app that helps the users measure any surface or object in an instant with the help of the latest AR technology. Quickmeasure does not only do quick measurements but the interface of the app is so clean and simple that you won’t find any trouble using it. Move the camera of your device from one point to another for quick measurement results.

QuickMeasure allows users to measure the length and width of areas no matter how big or small, the height of any 3D object, the height of humans, the distance between objects, and much more. The app by default saves measurement information in phone storage but not without your permission. You have to approve a few permissions before using this app for your own safety and a better experience.

Angle Meter

Angle Meter might seem like an old app based on its old-fashioned UI design, but it is an easy and interactive measurement app. The UI of the app is very user-friendly and does not contain any unnecessary features that might clutter the app. Thus, the app is very light and adds no pressure on your device.

Measure an unlimited number of angles simultaneously of any photo from your camera in real-time. And get fast appropriate measurement results. You can customize the options by yourself regarding your preferences. And in the end, you can save the records of measurements on your device.

Smart Measure

Smartmeasure is a lightweight, simple, and user-friendly measuring app which won’t put much pressure on your device while doing its work. The app is pretty much easy to use, open your device camera and press the shutter button. Aim towards the ground, not the object. In case you want to measure someone’s height all you have to do is aim the angle towards that person’s feet. The app supports manual calibration mode if you need it. With the smart measure app, you get to save all the measurement records and details as many times as you want.

The app lets you measure meters, feet, virtual horizon quite easily. There are 3 tools available, smart ruler which is accurate in 1-50 cm of distance, smart measure which is 1-5m of distance, and smart distance which is the best measured around 10km-1km of distance.

In case you find the details to be a little bit misinformed, you can get a useful guide just by visiting their official webpage.

CamToPlan – AR measurement / tape measure

Measure the length, breadth, and even area easily with just a few taps on CamToPlan. You don’t need to carry any more physical ruler or measuring tape to measure the surface do it virtually with modern 3D technology, VR, and ARCore algorithm by google of CamToPlan. With the latest update, the app now provides a laser meter for better measurement results.

Not only that CamToPlan comes with amazing features. You even get to create a plan for your upcoming room with the app, keep a record of scale and sizes. The app can be used for professional purposes as well and might be a handy tool for real-estate specialists, builders, repairers, and more. You get to measure any object, surface, and area without thinking twice and moving anything aside. Save and export your plans in png or DXF file format.


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