10 Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps

In the modern era and digitalized world, one can represent themselves just the way they want to. Avatar is a way to represent oneself freely or to showcase another part of their identity through digital apps to make users’ digital experience more personal and stand out in the crowd of millions.

People use avatars to represent a part of their identity, that avatar might look like them or totally different. The user can change their avatars according to their moods, needs, and interests. The user can even choose their favorite fictional characters from animes, cartoons, and much more. You want to adopt an avatar of a vampire you can do that, your favorite cartoon character you can do that as well.

A user can create an avatar manually as well as now some app provides the feature of facial recognition and the app itself creates the most suitable avatar for the user.

Enjoy the best avatar and stand out in the middle of a crowd. We have curated the best of avatar creation apps to try out. These avatar creation apps will help you kill your time and create your own unique style. Take a look over the list and download and enjoy the best avatar you like.


Best Full Body Avatar Creator Apps


A cool customizable avatar-making app that acts as a perfect time killer as well. With the latest face recognition technology, just one snap and get your personalized avatar lookalike. You can also make some tweaks to suit your style.

Explore the virtual universe with your unique avatar, create your own personalized avatar with a single photo, and stand out. You are also able to create snapshots and choose suitable backgrounds.

Choose from 600+ outfits, 300+ accessories to create a unique avatar of yourself or others. This app is not only limited to personal avatar creation, you can also create funny memes, stickers and edit interesting photos.

Make your social media more effective, have fun using the avatoon and share them and get more likes. The interface is clean and easy to use, so no confusion and hassle-free enjoyment on the go.


Bitmoji is a very popular avatar making app, that creates stickers out of your unique and personalized avatar. This helps you create a realistic depiction of yourself through an avatar. There’s a huge amount options to tweak from to create the best and most unique avatar version of yourself, everything that only features you.

Take real-time selfies to create an avatar of yourself. Customize a new avatar and style it as per your desire, by changing hair colors, different hairstyles, facial features, and different outfits.

Are you a fan of using stickers in chats to convey your emotions properly! Create stickers and share those uniquely designed stickers with your friends to convey even better this time forward. Use bitmoji as your own personal emoji maker including Snapchat and wherever else you chat that will feature your unique self avatar.


Tired of those two-dimensional avatars of yours and want to try something new with avatar creation! Zepeto can help you with that, breaking the bounds of two-dimensional avatars. Zepeto offers 3D full-body avatar creation to users. Start exploring the virtual world with your own customized unique 3D avatar and meet friends from all over the world.

Explore a new virtual world, with your unique virtual avatar. Explore new adventures. This app works great as an actual time killer. You can dive deep into the virtual world, design your unique avatar by trying on a trendy new collection, with more than a million items to choose from. Pick your own hairstyle, hair colours, designer outfits, and many more. You will not run out of style.

This app lets you chat with other people, share posts on your feed, capture memories, take photos, and complete missions. Explore more than thousands of worlds or create a new one. You can create your dream space and earn money virtually. Thus, the app justifies its own unique tag line, “Another Me in Another Universe”.

This app is unique in itself and if you are eager to explore a different world and kill some time then download this app. 


The app acts as an all-in-one platform and also a great facial recognition app, that helps create a personalized avatar that almost is the user’s lookalike. Mirror is an advanced 3D avatar maker app.

The user is able to experience various kinds of avatars in various ways. Use your personalized animated face to show your reactions. This app not only lets you make an avatar of yourself but also the user will be able to create memes, emoji stickers, and also personalized keyboard with stickers that features their own personalized avatars.

To make your chatting experience more fun and more expressive, create avatar emoji as per your needs and use the personalized keyboard to apply the emojis in your chat, add personality to your personal keyboard.

Social media is flooded with memes nowadays, and no one wants to stay behind the new trend. Make your own avatar memes which is a unique feature of this app, share your memes with your virtual friends and join in the meme squad. They also add popular meme stickers every month.

Customize your photo and change your avatar’s hairstyle, hair color, makeup, glasses, funny cute hats, and many more. Also, you will get to use celebrity pack creator. Experience more fun with mirror and its inbuilt features.

Anime Avatar Creator

Are you a big-time fan of anime characters? and want to explore the anime world. Then as the name suggests Anime Avatar Creator is the app that will come in handy for you.

Design your own personalized anime avatars and enjoy the dream character you’ve always wanted to be. There’s a wide array of templates for the users to design their avatars from. 

You’ll get full control over the app to customize your own avatar also you can even tweak and play with the expression of your character to make it look livelier. Not only avatars but also change the eye-catching backgrounds and make it more attractive.

As per your anime avatar, you can personally customize the hair colors, skin color, hairstyles, shape, and eyes of your avatar. Also, this app offers a wide range of accessories to go with your avatar. Share your desired anime avatar with your friends on any social media platform.


Make the cutest looking avatars of yourself with Dollify. Choose from various options. There are 14 categories available and pick your favorite item that. Change hair colors, hairstyles, outfits, various accessories and create thousands of combinations while making the cutest looking avatar of yourself.

The interface is designed marvelously so it’s easier to use. In the current updated version, they have added 15 new blonde shade hairstyles. And freedom in the name that supports more characters, accents, and spaces as well.

To have an ad-free experience one can buy the premium version of the app which only costs $7. That comes with an unlocked feature of various customization options that might help your avatar look cuter.

ToonMe – Cartoon Photo Editor

So, we have talked about creating anime avatar creators but what about a cartoon avatar creator app! ToonMe helps you create cartoon avatars. The super-fast AI-driven algorithm of ToonMe helps users generate attractive cartoon avatars from their pictures.

Enjoy the complete change of your photos. Have fun designing various cartoon avatars. It’s a full-body cartoon avatar maker app and has various vector portrait templates to choose from. The app is free but you can also subscribe to its monthly or annual programs.

SuperMe: Cartoon Avatar Maker

A popular cartoon avatar maker app, that helps the creation of cartoon avatar easy. Like any other avatar creation apps, it also has various templates to choose from like cartoon faces, hairstyles, expressions, and many more.

Express your emotion better through using proper shapes of expressions like various shapes of eyebrows, eyes, and mouth also to create a unique appearance change color of your avatar’s hair, clothing, and hair. Change into various backgrounds to give texture to your avatar.

You can virtually connect with other people at the same time, go for mysterious treasure chest hunts, adventure team games. Sign in once a day and get rewards as per the higher time you spend.


Create your full-body 3D avatar with Insta3D. This app helps transform your plain boring picture into a cool 3D avatar. The app is easy to use, all you have to do is select a photo from your gallery and select the gender for your avatar. The app itself will create a 3D avatar of yours.

You can customize the avatar if you want to with various hairstyles, outfits, skin tones, and eye color. You will not run out of outfits; this app provides various outfits for various events.

The unique feature of the app is you can even record a live video of your 3D avatar and is able to share that with your friends using various social media platforms.

StarIdol: Animated 3D avatar maker

With StarIdol you get to choose virtual life for your 3D avatar and customized it the way you like it. You can design from the top to bottom. Roleplay and live in another virtual world with your 3D avatar however you desire to.

Design your avatar just the way you want to; make changes to the hair, eyes, and outfits. You will Get to design unique apparel dresses, suits, shoes, skirts, and more. Meet new people virtually, become friends, and chat. You get to take pictures of your other avatar friends and yours as well with various poses and share them on social media.


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